Music Services


High quality, professional hybrid mixing available for your songs and beats. Get that commercial sound with industry standard mixing. Pro Tools with a multitude of plug-ins including Waves Mercury bundle, Sound Toys, Fabfilter, Plugin Alliance and Brainworx bundles just to name a few. Don’t forget about the hardware which includes an Audient ID22 interface with Burr Brown converters, Klark Teknik’s KT-2A, 76-KT compressors, 2 EQP-KTs, Customized Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4 mkII preamp and EQ and Chameleon Labs 7721 bus compressor. Get an audio engineer with over 15 years experience working on your projects today. iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and SoundCloud ready.


Mixing & Mastering

  • Beat mix starting at ………..$20
  • Song mix starting at………..$25
  • Mastering service……………$25
  • Mix & Master starting at …$40
  • Bundle deals available

For bundle pricing details or more info just email us here.

Song Samples

New Pussy – David Warren Prod. By Yung Rap

Cool Breeze – David Warren Prod. By Yung Rap


Song Writing

Need help with a certain song, can’t get your lyrics just right? Here at Yung Rap Beats we provide more than just the tracks, we provide song writing and ghost writing too. Available for any song or beat, we can write verses, hooks, bridges or just help fill in the gaps of what you already have. Pointers and tips on how to ride the beat and reference tracks also available. Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Trap, Dirty South, Hardcore to Conscious, we cover all genres and styles. Have one of our experienced writers help you turn your song into a hit. For more info or details just email us here.

Custom Audio Tracks

Have you ever heard a hot sample and wished you could turn it into a beat? Need a custom made beat for a particular song? Look no further, Yung Rap produces custom tracks based on your needs and wants. He and his team will loop, chop and turn your sample into the hit you envisioned. For more info or details just email us here.

Sound Kits

Need that snare that pops and cuts through the mix? Looking for that special 808 to give your tracks the knock they need? Yung Rap takes some of his favorite sounds that he uses in his own beats everyday and makes exclusive Yung Rap drum and sound kits. They come packed with everything you need to help make your beats reach that next level of quality and professionalism. Sick of those other drum kits that everyone else has? Yung Rap drum kits don’t come filled with the same stuff like those other kits do. Just subscribe to the emailing list here and get FREE stuff periodically.